Data Logging

The Challenge

In the era of Industry 5.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), sensor data logging plays a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making. While these technologies promise significant benefits, challenges persist in dealing with legacy machinery and equipment, particularly in challenging environments. The limitations extend to outdoor or remote locations where network connectivity and availability of power supply pose logistical challenges and impact the financial feasibility of data collection. Traditional data logging solutions, particularly SCADA controllers, encounter practical limitations that hinder the seamless and real-time capture and analysis of data, often rendering it impractical if not nearly impossible.

Our Solution

Enter DataStream's Analog Input CellPoint™, a transformative solution designed to overcome these challenges. This IoT micro datalogger collects real-time data from anyanalog sensor, offering scalability and easy deployment. Operating by user-defined intervals, CellPoint™ transmits data to the DataSense IoT portal, ensuring continuous monitoring and immediate alerts for proactive response.

Benefits of CellPoint™ include cost-effectiveness, rapid deployment (under 10 minutes), versatility across industries, real-time alerts for optimized efficiency, suitability for harsh environments, and scalability for comprehensive insights. Enhanced trend analysis and preventive maintenance capabilities empower industries to detect anomalies and address potential issues before escalation, aligning with IIoT and Big Data principles.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Versatility
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Efficiency in Harsh Environments
  • Scalability for Comprehensive Insights

In conclusion, DataStream's Analog Input CellPoint™ offers not just an efficient and cost-effective data logging solution but a scalable, comprehensive, and forward-thinking approach to data collection. Its transformative impact extends across industries, unlocking new possibilities for insights, control, and proactive maintenance strategies. The CellPoint™ can be utilized for multiple industrial and utility applications. We can monitor any industry, any sensor, anywhere.