The Challenge

Water submetering in multifamily, manufactured housing, RV Parks and Marinas entails the installation of individual water meters for each residential unit, providing precise measurements of water consumption. Unlike Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) and other allocation methods, that distribute water costs among tenants based on factors like square footage or occupancy, submetering ensures fair and accurate billing by directly charging tenants based on their actual water usage. This transparent approach fosters tenant satisfaction and encourages water conservation.

The implementation of sub-metering systems often leads to overall water conservation of approx. 40% on the property, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing environmental impact.

Our Solution

Unlike other submetering companies who focus on indoor submetering installations, our submetering RF solution can be installed outdoors or indoors with a wide variety of meters. It can be set up for simple pulse output or digital output/encoded utility meters in a range of sub metering applications and environments. The submetering RF transmitter device is an independent unit intricately connected to standard meter pickups, interpreting their encoded output. Remarkably versatile, this device efficiently collects and transmits information from a wide array of North American encoded or pulse-output utility meters, supporting multi-utility collection for water, gas, and electric within the same system network.

In conclusion, the implementation of water sub-metering in multifamily, manufactured housing, RV Parks and Marinas results in enhanced billing precision, increased tenant satisfaction and improved water conservation. This approach not only delivers financial advantages for property owners but also streamlines operations for site management companies. Our RF submetering solution stands out for its reliability, meter compatibility, and exceptional coverage across diverse scenarios. Specifically designed to address challenging environments like manufactured housing and other demanding sites, the system offers a distinctive solution for such harsh conditions.