Pressure Monitoring

The Challenge

Water utilities are confronted with an aging infrastructure in a city's water supply system, with many decades-old main water pipes susceptible to leaks and bursts, causing water losses and service disruptions. Compounding the issue is the city's limited personnel and resources, hindering the ability to conduct regular manual inspections and maintenance on the extensive network of pipes. Additionally, the existing methods for detecting leaks are inefficient, relying on reactive and time-consuming approaches that lead to delayed responses when addressing pipe failures.

Our Solution

DataStream IoT proudly introduces the unique CellPoint™ Pressure Monitoring device—a revolutionary solution in utility pipeline management and preventive maintenance. Recently honored with the prestigious "IoT Evolution Smart City Product of the Year" award, this remarkable product is set to transform the care of critical infrastructure.  

Key Benefits

  • Pressure Optimization
  • Fault Detection
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Enhanced System Control
  • Scalability  

For small utilities without a SCADA system, CellPoint™ becomes an excellent entry point into the real-time monitoring world. It's a smart and affordable investment that pays for itself within months. Scalable, easy to install, and requiring no additional communications infrastructure or power supply, this solution seamlessly integrates with your current setup. It effortlessly elevates your SCADA systems to the next level, providing an advanced and efficient water network management solution.