Outage Management

The Challenge

Outage Management varies across numerous industries like industrial manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, food facilities, or retail. However, almost every business faces damages and risks when there's an unexpected loss of power. Outage monitoring solutions can provide significant value, saving dollars, and, in some cases, even preventing live risk situations.

Traditional outage detection systems often rely on intermittent checks, leading to delayed notifications and potential damage. These systems may lack real-time monitoring, hindering a proactive response.

Our Solution

DataStream's Outage Management CellPoint™ device was recently honored with the prestigious "IoT Evolution Smart City Product of the Year" award, this remarkable product is set to transform the care of critical infrastructure. The unique device offers timely outage detection for effective and targeted outage notification in diverse applications and for practically any industry. The outage detection relay is sampled continuously by the CellPoint™ device. The device sends an outage alert once the relay detects a power disruption. To ensure that the system is up and running, once a day the device sends a "Keep Alive" message to the DataSense portal as a status signal that indicates that the device is operative.
When the device senses that relay trips, this indicates loss of power. The CellPoint™ continues to monitor the relay status, and if the relay remains "open" for longer than a predefined time, the CellPoint™ device will trigger a message to the DataSense portal. The alert is cleared once the power is back for more than a predefined clear time.

Once DataSense receives an alert from any of the CellPoints™, the system sends an SMS and/or email notification to the
relevant operators.

Key Benefits

The Outage Management CellPoint™ device provides the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The absence of the need for infrastructure, coupled with ease of installation, significantly lowers costs compared to alternative solutions.
  • Ease of Installation: IP68 rated, and can be installed outdoors without any special enclosure and can be supplied with a wide assortment of accessories for pit, wall, and pipe installation.
  • Rapid Deployment: No need for special expertise. Installation by field tech in less than 15-minutes.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Immediate notification of power outage enables quick response.
  • Versatile: Flexible software supports implementation in various applications that require power outage monitoring.
  • Efficiency in Harsh Environments: The self-contained design and robust construction make CellPoint™ ideal for deployment in any scenario.