Metering (AMI/AMR)

DataStream's Industrial IoT solutions are supplemented by a set of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solutions. DataStream's AMI/AMR solutions represents a culmination of over two decades of field experience, making it a reliable and technically advanced choice for water utilities. Our meter-agnostic endpoints and our high-performance network infrastructure set the stage for efficient remote metering, as well as effective consumption management, seamlessly integrating with any AMR enabled water meter and leveraging cutting-edge RF performance.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional RF Performance: Achieve 99% daily reception with minimal gateways, ensuring reliable water consumption data.
  • Durability: Withstand extreme environmental conditions, making our system ideal for outdoor water meter pits, low temperatures, moisture, and high salt environments.
  • Meter Connectivity: Agnostic to meter make and model, automatically identifying Encoder protocols. Compatible with major meter brands.
  • Infrastructure: Our Gateways excel in enduring challenging conditions, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted performance.
  • Management Software: DataSense, a proven web-based portal offers Consumption Management and Metering Data Management (MDM) capabilities, derived from years of experience with small and large public utilities.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS apps for residential consumers provide quick access to consumption data, charts, and configurable threshold notifications

Whether you seek a radio-based RF AMI/AMR solution, or a cellular based system, DataStream's AMI/AMR systems offer performance, durability, meter connectivity, advanced management software, and a user-friendly mobile app - our solution is designed to meet your evolving needs. Elevate your water management – choose DataStream's AMI/AMR solutions.