RF Fixed Network

DataStream leads the way in RF fixed network technology, providing a proven solution for collecting sensor data in a centralized and efficient manner. Our proprietary technology has evolved continuously, demonstrating success across diverse environments, including water utilities, district heating, sub-metering, asset management, agriculture, and more. With proven field installations in over 2,500 sites in the United States and global installations, DataStream's technology is synonymous with reliability, scalability, and adaptability.

Proven Track Record: DataStream's sub-metering systems in North America continue to support and successfully read over 500,000 utility meters daily. Our technology has been deployed in more than 70 cities and towns in the U.S. This rich history showcases our proven performance and operational excellence in this field.

Key Differentiators: Our wireless communications network stands out for its adaptability, operating in licensed or unlicensed frequencies within the 450 – 470 MHz range. Deployed globally, from the United States to Europe, Asia, and beyond, our technology spans a range of applications and solutions, making it financially viable for projects of any scale. Architectural Advantages: DataStream's technology boasts architectural advantages over conventional data collection systems, including enhanced coverage both indoors and outdoors. With low infrastructure costs, each base station can support up to 2,000 endpoints. Our low-cost RF endpoints operate for years with a built-in battery (replaceable battery option available), offering sustainability and efficiency in data collection.

Intelligent Endpoints: Our intelligent, programmable endpoints enable real-time analyses, contributing to a reduction in the quantity of data that must be transported. This ensures efficient data management and facilitates predictive analyses of expected data = while identifying anomalies.

Multi-Utility Support: DataStream's solution is multi-utility, supporting water, gas, and electric meters within the same network. This versatility provides a unified approach for managing diverse utilities within a comprehensive and integrated system. Fixed Network Architecture: Our fixed network architecture features robust gateways for data collection and processing. Low-cost, multi-utility transmitters continuously collect data from meters and transmit it based on time and consumption algorithms. Gateways transfer information via WiFi, Cellular (GPRS), or LAN to the control center for in-depth analysis.

DataStream's Fixed Network technology re-defines the landscape of data collection, offering a robust, scalable, and adaptable solution for smart cities, utilities, and industrial IoT applications. With a proven track record, key differentiators, and a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure management, DataStream empowers organizations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and pave the way for a smarter, more connected future. These systems may lack real-time monitoring, hindering a proactive response.