Event Monitoring

The Challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT), has introduced the significance of the ability to connect everything. Well almost anything – as in many cases the feasibility exists, but the cost of implementation makes it barely practical. The ability to swiftly detect an event and send prompt notifications is definitely a key to improved operational efficiency in most industrial and utility applications. However, this proves challenging in scenarios where utilizing existing controllers to detect a simple change of status is either difficult or impractical, especially in harsh outdoor locations lacking power and/or communication lines. Additionally, employing an expensive controller for monitoring a single dry-contact sensor becomes economically unfeasible. The solution demands proportionality to the
application's complexity. DataStream's Event Monitoring CellPoint™, offering a realistic and cost-effective means to monitor a simple sensor anywhere, providing a solution tailored to the specific needs of the application. In the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), effective event monitoring becomes a crucial factor for maintaining operational efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making. However, challenges persist, particularly when dealing with legacy machinery and equipment in demanding environments. These challenges are magnified in outdoor or remote locations, where establishing network connectivity and ensuring a stable power supply pose logistical and financial constraints. Traditional event monitoring solutions, particularly those involving SCADA controllers, encounter practical issues that hinder continuous, real-time event capture and analysis.

Our Solution

DataStream's Event Monitoring CellPoint™ device is designed to overcome the limitations of conventional event monitoring systems. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need for elaborate infrastructure and intricate installations. CellPoint™, functioning as an IoT micro-event monitor, excels in capturing real-time data from dry-contact sensors, offering scalability and straightforward deployment. Fueled by a field-replaceable battery, internal antenna, and LTE cellular modem, CellPoint™ provides an economical solution for comprehensive event monitoring.

How it Works

Operating by capturing the switch status every fraction of a second, CellPoint™ transmits the event log to the DataSense IoT portal. Continuous monitoring and immediate alert signals for critical events ensure a proactive response. This capability is particularly valuable for prompt reaction to events, especially in asset management scenarios in remote locations where traditional controllers
are impractical due to their high installation costs.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Significantly lower costs compared to traditional event monitoring solutions.
  • Rapid Deployment: Installation in under 10 minutes without operational disruptions.
  • Versatility: Versatile for a wide range of applications across different industries.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Immediate notification for swift response and optimized efficiency.
  • Robust Performance in Harsh Environments: Ideal for deployment in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Scalability for Comprehensive Insights: Gradual expansion of event monitoring capabilities for a comprehensive view


In summary, DataStream's Event Monitoring CellPoint™ provides an efficient and cost-effective event monitoring solution. Its features and capabilities unlock new possibilities for proactive maintenance and real-time asset management. The versatility of the CellPoint™ device makes it applicable across various industrial and utility applications, offering unlimited potential in the rapidly
evolving landscape of the Industrial IoT world.